Obboo Haile Gebre: OBS Two Part Interview

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It was by accident that I bumped into an OBS interview with Obboo Haile Gebre (the two part interviews are posted below!). I was gripped from the very outset. There was no chance I would change that channel once I started watching. For me this interview was mesmerizing, probably I am an economist who spend so much time bothering myself with the issues Obbo Haile so eloquently explaining.

I have to admit it was only since a few months ago that I have known about Obbo Haile, starting from that touching moment when tears he shed ran down his face at the podium. That was the day he and other Oromo elders were engaged in conflict resolution among Oromo politicians.

Th OBS interview gave me opportunity to listen to his wisdom, his deep knowledge of business economics! Without any exaggeration the stock of his knowledge in economics is much greater and deeper than the amount ten or so of us, PhD holders, possess put together.

I am not a beginner in economics. I have spent quite many years attending lectures given by numerous distinguished professors of economics. I have to confess that the insights I got from Obbo Haile’s interview on OBS is perhaps the best lecture in economics I have ever attended in my professional life.

By the time Obbo Haile’s interview ended, I was suddenly gripped with two conflicting thoughts. The first one was an immense sense of joy and pride, that we have someone as knowledgeable as Obbo Haile in our community. The second one was an excruciating pain that his wisdom is not being used by decision makers at regional or federal levels. Obbo Haile is undoubtedly the most suitable economic policy advisor to Deputy President of Oromia, Obbo Shimelis Abdissa, and/or PM Abiy Ahmed.

If the authorities adopt and endeavor to implement at least some of the sound economic policies Obbo Haile is recommending, then Oromia’s (hence Ethiopia’s) economy would begin to progress at rapid paces in the near future.

Utilizing natural resources begins with utilizing human capital. If we do not recognize these crucial links, then we doomed to stay stuck in the quagmire of poverty trap.

I take this opportunity to thank OBS for conducting this extremely useful and timely interview with Obbo Haile, providing us with opportunity to gain access to Obbo Haile’s deep stock of knowledge in real world economics.

Part I

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